Friday, September 7, 2007

New York

Well I know that I have not been posting much well we are in New York and man it is real besy there and we saw the Statue of Liberty and The Empiere state Building and the Criselr Tower and that is about all. bye


Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Sabbath (again)

Well I know I have not been posting a lot on here so I will make this one really long, Today was regular I woke up and went to have my worship none of my family was up except for my oldest bro which was having his worship too so I spent a hour with God and then went to read a book I brought from the library it is a really interesting book I think you would know it cuz it was made into a movie it's called Eragon I already read the second book and since the movie did not fallow off the book I got the first book from the library I am almost through half of it and I just got it wednesday (it has 500 pages) and the second book which has 600 pages I read it in less then a week (and I would have done better if my sis was not reading it too)
so then my Dad woke up and we went on a walk and when I came back in I was just in time for worship and after that we had millet and dumpling and it was good and then I went though my choirs and here I am on the computer whiting a post bye.


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Another part of my Life.

Well what can I say, I had to
leave from out of my room cuz
my bro was coughing so hard
that I could not sleep so I
had to go to my Moms & Dads
room (and you would think it
would be my bro going to there room)
so I woke up really late and
missed the time that I was supposed to do
my exercise but I did them after I had my
devotion and then I went help my dad fill
(again) and then I went to work on my flips
(I'm trying to do one)and then we had family
worship and I ate late again and when my bro
and a friend and my Dad left for my aunts house
I got to go on the computer oh yeah I left one
thing out I had porridge for breakfast
(it is a old Jamaican recipe)
so here I am writing another post bye.


Monday, August 6, 2007

Another Post.

Well as I said my would be good and it is I just finsh driking some lemon and water so I would not get the thing that is going around in our family, I realy hope I do not get it cuz it will make you cough real bad well anyway I am thinkful to God that I have not got it yet, it was so cool today cuz I finly got my sword back on Zwinky well got to go bye.


Great Day.

Well Today is a great day again
but it does not make sense doing
this cuz no one will leave a
comment but any way, I am going
to do some school work, and I did
help my dad fill Capsules it is
boring but I do it anyway, oh
yeah my dad and my oldest bro
and a friend is going to get some
mango's I hope they are sweet well
if I get the chance I will post again bye.


Sunday, August 5, 2007

New Stuff.

Well my Bro wants the computer
so I can't say much but that I
woke up this morning and spent
almost and hour with the Lord
and then walk and around a bit
and then went on the computer
and put more things one my Blog
and by mistake I deleted my Cbox
but I will put that on tomorrow and
find a new music player bye.


Saturday, August 4, 2007


Here is a drawing that I did with A pencil and paper.